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"No Purpose. No Design"

- Meat Beat Manifesto


some past projects and collaborations.



With many years of experience in large-scale art and architecture, artist and architect, Adrian Luz, has a focus fo specific interior and architectural design projects for the new human condition.

Adrian often relies on sophisticated, intelligent light or video technology like addressable LEDs, combined with translucent glass or plastic to create functional spaces that are playful and that stimulate people in profound ways.


His unique perspective allows him to set out a clear vision for each project, creating spaces that are not only functional and aesthetic, but social places that are proof of a best-case scenario of a new possibility of living.

He is currently exploring new potentials mixing light, art, technology, and fun materials to create designs that are truly alive and aesthetically surprising to evoke a deep human experience.

Adrian Luz (Sierra Garcia) designs and builds unique environments that link contemporary art and architecture.  His works integrate technology into daily life, creating unexpected situations that transform ordinary places into spaces of communication, reflection and wonder.  


Adrian Luz has collaborated with a number of award-winning internationally renowned architectural design firms in Los Angeles and in Paris, working on all types of projects all around the world.



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